Cheryl Flanagan Memorial Scholarship

Stoughton Youth Soccer will always be grateful to Cheryl Flanagan for her dedication to our league.  Cheryl was a board member and coach for over sixteen years. Her unwavering commitment to SYSL even after her children graduated from the program was immeasurable. From coaching, to concession stand duty, field clean-up, assisting with tournaments, processing registration, processing payments, and more, Cheryl was always giving of herself and her time.

Sadly Cheryl lost a long and courageous battle with breast cancer in April of 2008. It is with honor that we renamed our scholarship the Stoughton Youth Soccer Cheryl Flanagan Memorial Scholarship. We feel it is a fitting tribute to our friend.


Scholarship guidelines 

The Stoughton Youth Soccer Memorial Scholarships are open to deserving Stoughton residents who will be graduating from high school and attending either a 2 or 4 year college.  The applicant needs to have participated in SYSL as a player as well as shown the same dedication and commitment to SYSL that Cheryl did. Greatest consideration will be given to those candidates who have refereed, coached or volunteered for the league.‚Äč


Winner determination

The winner(s) of the annual scholarships will be determined by a Scholarship Committee of SYSL. The committee consists of SYSL board members, SYSL membership representatives and the Flanagan family representatives . Scholarships will not be awarded in a year when no well-qualified candidates are presented. Winner(s) will be announced via the high school.


2020 Recipients
Nicole Anderson

2019 Recipients
Emma McSweeny

2018 Recipients
Maddison Teixeira

2017 Recipients
Samantha Roane

Kyle Silverman

Abigail Roane
Shannon Hickey

Rachel Berkowski
Kassandra Melo
Zach Monahan
Niamh Fennessy
Michael Paukner
Cameron Ramos
Zachary Finer
Angela Vieira
Courtney Hunt
Colleen Gately
Emily Lamplough
Laura Purcell
Nicholas Neil
Mathew Vargas
Chelsea Faria
Heather E Lamplough
Daniel Quintero
Antonio J Colafrancesco
Douglas B Hunt
Emily R Flanagan
Kyla E Batchelder